How to Join Gerber Baby Photo Contest

The face of healthy goodness for babies is characterized by Gerber. This is a brand that is trusted for years serving babies with healthy and safe food to consume. One thing that the brand is also known for is their yearly search for healthy babies to serve as the face on their advertisements. Each year, they are searching for healthy and good looking babies to be the next face on their advertisements both on television and in print ads. Do you have a healthy and good looking baby? Here is how you can join.

Firstly, you should have a healthy and good looking baby. This is like the first step to winning as you should take your child to a leap over winning and good looks and healthy body is an edge among candidates. Gerber has been known to serve healthy babies and so their models should stand their goals too.

Now that you have got an edge already, here is the next thing you should do. Usually, Gerber comes to have its ad printed in terms of their Gerber baby photo contest. One way to know when Gerber baby photo contest is already at hand is that it is printed in ads for the public. It has online ads too where you can see the details of the program. The contest runs online too so you should take a closer watch over online ads.

Once the Gerber baby photo contest is on, you will be required to upload a one page submission form. This form contains the details of your baby and you as a guardian too. Usually, Gerber looks for babies that are not over 48 months old. This form serves as your entry and a form too where judges may come to see.

You may be required to take a digital image of your baby. Make sure that your baby looks so adorable on the photo to make it even more inviting to judges. You can apply your creativity in taking photos like providing baby with cute costumes to really stand out. To make sure that your baby has an edge in winning the Gerber baby photo contest, there is an advantage in using high resolution cameras. Today, Gerber is now open to innovations and accepts entries taken from smartphones too.

Entries are submitted usually in Gerber’s Facebook page. You are to post your babies photos here or you can also have it posted in Instagram and Flickr too. Generally, you have every choice to make as to where you would like the photos posted. Online votes is a must too because it has a percentage on the garnering of points.

These are the basic steps on how to join the Gerber baby photo contest. If you think that your baby has what it takes to be the next face of Gerber, then you should decide on joining. With this, you do not only take your child closer to stardom but would also warrant a good future once the price is won.