The Next Gerber Baby Contest

next Gerber baby contest

next Gerber baby contest

It is still too early to say when the next Gerber baby contest will be. Everyone is still abuzz on the latest Gerber baby Mary Jane Montoya. This charming baby is the Gerber baby for 2012 and she is the brands representative and a part of Gerber’s marketing strategy to make Gerber a strong competitor among baby food brands. If you wish to enter your child, then better wait for new announcements for next Gerber baby contests.

While most contests rules change, basically the next photo contest may be quite similar with the current contest. Your child must be at least a day to 48 days to enter; a photo must be submitted along with an accomplished information sheet. Entries may be sent via email or you may want to contact Gerber if you wish to send photos by mail. So regardless of new rules or updated information, you should call up for the possibility of sending your child’s pictures via snail mail.

Here are more predictions on how the next Gerber contest will happen:

  • Better prices – hopefully, prizes should improve. Most parents desire a bigger cash prize compared to 50,000 cash and a 10,000 college plan for the Gerber milestone winners.

  • The contest rules may still have more revisions but these must be announced earlier than ever. Parents who are aspiring to enter their baby for the contest should stand by social media sites like Facebook where organizers of Gerber contests announce their updates regarding the contest.

  • There will be more time to send entries. Parents may still be deciding which picture to submit as well as which shot would bring out the beauty of their baby. It’s not easy to decide when you have a whole folder of pictures of your adorable little one.

  • There will be less time to announce the winner; which means organizers should spare parents and family of the tiring wait that is common in announcing the winners of contests. Winners are usually announced weeks after the last submission date and these times are totally stressful times for parents and family alike. The faster the decision the more likely parents are sure to join in the next time.

  • Finally, the winners should be announced in all leading newspaper brands and magazines. Not all people have Facebook accounts so it could be better to announce the winners using traditional methods. Organizers of the next Gerber baby contests should also make sure that all winners are posted (all category winners).

Joining is easy but make sure that your baby is still within the age group before he joins. There are no purchases or offers to join in so it pays to join this contest for free because of the great offers in store

So whether you have a newborn, a child that is learning how to sit unsupported or those with babies that are able to crawl and walk , there is a Gerber baby product or baby food that may be right for your little one.

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Next Gerber Baby Contest